• Discover Exciting Developments in Cell Line Engineering
  •  Best Practices in Bioprocessing Techniques & Antibody Development Strategies
  •   With Both Regional & International Case Studies

‘’Biopharmaceuticals continue to be a growing, important class of pharmaceutical products on the market, and many of these products are produced using mammalian cell culture with total biopharmaceutical sales reaching nearly $130 billion, or approximately 13% of the total pharmaceutical market.’’ – BioProcess Technology

IBC Asia's  4th Annual Cell Line Development and Engineering Conference, provides a platform for industry leaders to overcome the  challenges involved in developing robust cell lines and bringing them to the market successfully.

This event will highlight exciting developments in cell line engineering, explore efficient best practices in bioprocessing techniques,  as well as delve into cutting edge techniques in antibody development, all under-one-roof.

Gain best practice tools and processes which will increase efficiency, productivity and ensure quality in production for companies of all sizes.

Last Year’s Speakers included:

  • Dr Chengbin Wu, CSO and President of R&D, Shanghai CP Guojian Pharmaceutical, China
  • Dr Daotian Fu, Executive Vice President, Livzon Mabpharm, China
  • Dr Jianguo Yang, Principal Scientist, Sanofi Genzyme, USA
  • Dr Xueming Qian, CEO, Mabspace Biosciences, China
  • Dr Liu Xiaolin, Vice President of Process Development, Innovent Biologics, China
  • Dr Ting Xu, CEO, AlphaMab, China
  • Dr Youling Wu, CEO, Zhejiang Terusi, China
  • David Hughes, CEO, BioPharmaceuticals Australia, Australia
About the Biopharma Development & Production Week

The Biopharma Development & Production Week is the leading industry platform for pharma, biotech, CMOs, CROs, research institutes, investors and industry stakeholders to meet, network and discuss current industry trends, establish business partnerships and be updated on investment opportunities in China and surrounding Asia.  For more information visit www.biopharmaproduction.com

3 Co-located events under one roof

Why You Must Attend in 2015

  • Update yourself with latest technologies to accelerate every stage of cell line development with maximum efficiency, quality and reduced cost
  • Enhance cell line development in the early stages with best practices in transfection, optimizing   cell culture media, and implement advancements in clone screening and selection techniques
  • Gain effective bioprocess control & optimization strategies,  for efficient, safe and cost effective scale up
  • Latest cutting edge updates on antibody development- novel screening strategies for target discovery, challenges in ADCs, engineering bispecifics and boosting efficacy in antibody  therapeutics

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