IBC’s 7th Annual Cell Line Development and Engineering Asia is part of Biopharma Development and Production (BDP) Week 2018. The industry’s foremost event showcases the views of top technical professionals in both research and industry best practices in engineering and optimizing cell lines for low cost, high quality, high productivity and scalability. Benchmark R&D, regulatory and commercial considerations between China and the rest of the world, and network across multiple events to make the most of your investment.

2017 Speakers Included

MinMin Qin
Director/CSO, Technology Center for Antibody Therapeutics, National Translational Medicine Center for Molecular Medicine (Xian) & Distinguished Professor, Fourth Military Medical University, China

JuHong Liu
Acting Review Chief, Division of Biotechnology Review and Research II, OBP/OPQ/CDER, FDA

Jim Qiu
Executive Vice President, Wuhan YZY Biopharma, China

James (Jianguo) Yang
President/CEO, Abpro-China, China and U.S.

Yuan Wen
Director of Process Development, WuXi Biologics, China

Yun Bai
Senior Director, Process Sciences and Manufacturing, AmbrxInc, China

Yves Durocher
Section leader of Mammalian Cell Expression, Human Health Therapeutics Portfolio, National Research Council Canada & Assistant Professor, Department of Biochemistry, University of Montreal, Canada

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Past Audience Reviews

“Good meeting, received updated knowledge about industry trends as well as status of technology developments”

Biopharmaceuticals Australia

“A good event, with beneficial networking opportunities and communications”


“Great updates in Industry. Very Informative!” 
Eureka Therapeutics

“The conference is fantastic and I gained a lot from the talks. I would like to recommend my co-workers to attend.” 

Zhejiang Teruisi Pharmaceuticals

“This has been a great conference and I enjoyed the conference a lot. The quality of the talks is high and the discussions were very dynamic.” 

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